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How to Prepare

  1. Step 1

    Use bread machine do mixture in order start from water

  2. Step 2

    After flour step make a little hole and put yeast in

  3. Step 3

    Press setting 8 (dough) 1:30 hours, start

  4. Step 4

    Pour in grind almond while mixing after 5-10 mins, close lid until finish

  5. Step 5

    Leave the dough in machine 30-45mins after completely finish

  6. Step 6

    Pour out on oven pan, make in any shape you like

  7. Step 7

    No need to preheat oven, put in oven at 375 degree for 30 minutes (one big loaf)

  8. Step 8

    Take it out from oven, cool it down on a rack, slice it and enjoy!

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