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An Englishman in Japan, Chief Cooksnapper

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  • Emily Shin Medlin

    Originaly Thai girl but lives in Sydney. I love cooking and keen to learn new recipes :-)

    Iscritto circa 4 anni fa
  • Yumi

    Food analyst

    Iscritto circa 5 anni fa
  • Harwin Prahara

    Iscritto oltre 5 anni fa
  • Jorge

    A Spaniard in Japan, engineer Cooksnapper and cook apprentice :)

    Iscritto oltre 5 anni fa
  • W Zheng

    Iscritto oltre 5 anni fa
  • Haruka

    In love with baking!

    Iscritto circa 6 anni fa
  • dragonsweetie

    Iscritto circa 6 anni fa
  • Tim Miller

    The only thing I love more than cooking is eating the food I just made! I spend many a day scouring the internets for new recipes to try/adapt, and I can't wait to start sharing my cooking adventures with the world here on CookSnaps!

    Iscritto circa 6 anni fa
  • Ben W

    I'm not a big fan of measuring cups, but I'll do my best for your & my recipes sake!

    Iscritto circa 6 anni fa
  • Hao Sun

    Iscritto circa 6 anni fa
  • Natsuko Kure

    I was born and raised in Japan. I started studying Japanese and French cuisine from a teacher who trained at Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo. After studying for three years, I moved to Boston with my husband.

    Iscritto circa 6 anni fa
  • Felice

    I'm a German-American in Japan :) My favorites are bread baking, Japanese and German food.

    Iscritto oltre 6 anni fa