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Mapping, recording and celebrating home cooking from around the world and the stories behind them.

Capture the stories, memories and history behind your recipes.

The everyday cooking from your hometown and family meals might not seem like anything special, but they're surrounded by great memories, traditions and even bits of history from your community. We want to make sure these stories and recipes don't get lost over time!

Creating a world map of local and regional cooking.

Home cooking isn't being captured in a way that tells where it comes from. We want to fix that by building up a recipe "atlas" where you can add your local recipes while exploring cooking from other places. Show your hometown pride by adding favorite family dishes or local specialities from your town (and country)!

Tell what "authentic" cooking is really like where you're from.

Do people have a mistaken or bad image about the food where you come from, or just seem to have no clue at all? Do you feel like the local cooking you love gets overlooked, even though you know everyone would think it's the best if they just knew about it? Cookmap is here to help you Let them know all about the food you're proud of!

Share the recipes, stories and traditions from your kitchen!

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